Child and Family Services

Your Wellness is our Passion!

We understand that many people try dealing with problems on their own. Turning to therapy can sometimes be a difficult decision. Columbia Wellness can help. Our caring professionals can assist with any difficulty that you or someone in your family may be experiencing. We will build on your strengths and help you find new solutions. We will listen so that we can better understand. Because life is complex, we offer a full range of services. Call us today, because life is seldom simple.

Our staff are professionally trained, highly skilled, and eager to serve you. Our organization has provided quality service to this community since 1953.

We invite you to discover more about our services and staff. If you would like to contact our office, please feel free to send a request for further information.


School Services

We currently have qualified clinicians located within several schools throughout Cowlitz County . Our clinicians provide outpatient therapy to children in the school who are on Medicaid insurance. We are there to see children in a setting they feel comfortable and safe in and also to help them with any problems they may be facing. We want to give these students the skills they need to cope with difficulties and be successful in their lives.