Adult Services


Residential Services

We currently provide residential supportive services for the Chinook and Columbia apartments in Kelso for the Kelso Housing Authority. These apartments require you to have a current mental health diagnoses, receive some form of mental health service, and meet background requirements. If you are interested in applying for these apartments contact your therapist or the residential office for application.

We also have our own housing that we provide minimal staffing for. These houses also require a current mental health diagnoses to reside there, be enrolled at Columbia Wellness, and have Social Security Income. We also typically prefer you are on our money management program. If you want more information about our housing please contact us.

We also assist with community housing based on need, income, and other issues. Please contact the residential office for more information.



Pathfinder ifs a program that provides a caring and trained professional to listen to an individual without judgement. This professional can help individuals with getting access to Detox/Treatment, Housing Applications, Medical or Mental Health appointments, Income/Food Stamps, SSI/SSDI Applications, and Medical Insurance.

In order to be eligible for our Pathfinder program you must be 18 and older. You must have a mental health diagnoses and a substance use problem. You must also be homeless or at risk of being homeless.

Our Pathfinder services are located at our Residential Office. If you are interested in seeking out this service please call 360-353-9685 or visit our Residential office Monday thru Friday 10am - 2pm.